Saturday, July 25, 2009

What is applied science?

"Applied science is the application of knowledge from one or more natural scientific fields to solve practical problems. Fields of engineering are closely related to applied sciences. Applied science is important for technology development. Its use in industrial settings is usually referred to as research and development (R&D)."

So from the statement above it is understand that why applied science should be introduce to the technical student in Malaysia
The phrase "Field of engineering" mean that our student in SMT that offer vocational courses such as ABM, KFL, AUTO, PPU, EE and BB is related to applied science
Hopefully all the teacher in SMT Malaysia would understand the importance of applied science to our student


Anonymous said...

I find your attempt to define the subject of applied science as interesting. In my personal opinion there is no difference in applied or pure science. To me science is just knowledge. Whether it will be applied now or in the future depends on the circumstances.
However today, the term applied science is more hype splitting the science subject into science that is pure or could not be applied and science that can be applied. Science is science.
However the application of the knowledge of science such as in engineering, medicine and biotechnology reflect more of its relevance on its usage for the good of mankind.
To be involved in such “applied science” subjects still require and depend on the good understanding of the pure sciences. It is common knowledge before you go to the clinical side of medicine or engineering you have to be grounded in the foundation of pure science. This is seen in the need to study science subjects such as anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and microbiology before you learn the clinical aspects
In the teaching of applied science as subjects for SPM it is more to provide the basic background and to instill interests among those students planning to major in the applied sciences
The application of science requires the complete input of all the basic sciences and not separate subjects of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. Of course there are fundamental subjects such as in chemistry which have very direct application in applied science such as electrochemistry! Electrochemistry is important in battery design and electrical energy. Input of nutrition in agriculture is a good example
Subjects which are needed to be considered as valuable inputs into the applied science course must be applied in itself. These subjects must be seen to be relevant by having practical, experiments in which its application is exposed.
Applied science as subjects are more properly acquired at university degree level or even higher


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