Monday, August 10, 2009

Module 5 POWER

Power In Mechanical Systems
Power is the measure of how fast the linear work is done
In linear mechanical systems, power is the rate of moving something in a straight line
Power is define as the amount of work done or energy consumed per unit.

Where, P = power in Watt or joule per second
W = work done in joule (J)
t = time taken to do work in seconds

For work done along a straight line it called linear mechanical work
where work is equal to force that move along the distance in straight line
W = F x s
where, F = force applied
s = distance along the force acts

For linear work such as lfting thing the work done is given by
W = m x g x h
where, m = mass of the object in kilogram
g = gravitational accelaration (10 ms-1)
h =height moved in metre.

You can try solving the problem below [the answer is 51.5 Watt]

When doing a ‘chin up’, Bukhari uses a force of 412 N to lifts his body a distance of 0.25 metre in 2 seconds.

What is the power delivered by Bukhari?
[Use, Power = Work/time , Work = Force x distance]

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