Sunday, August 2, 2009


This week (03 August - 7 August, i will continue to discuss and explore the energy convertors with 5 AUTO and 5 KFL
Here a little something to share with all of you my blog viewers

This modul is devided into three sections
6.1 Mechanical energy convertors
6.2 Fluid energy convertors
6.3 Electrical energy convertors
6.4 Thermal energy convertors
In this posting i will only discuss 6.2 Mechanical energy convertors
What was being discuss here is the principle of energy conversion in a
(a)wind mill
(b)water pump
(e)water mill
(f)steam turbine
If you want to see my powerpoint presentation you can download

What was interesting in this topic is the energy conversion in an alternator

Let us discuss
An alternator is a generator that produces alternating current. It is widely use in an automobile
In general, an alternator is devided into two parts which is the stator and the rotor. The stator contains solenoid and the rotor contains a miving magnetic field. The rotor is connected by a belt to the engine. the engine will cause the rotor to turn.
The energy conversion in an alternator is
kinetic energy to mechanical energy to electrical energy



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