Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Permainan petanque dengan sentuhan sains

Petanque with science touch!

Here is a diagram of an arm pendular motion in the game of bowls. This is only result of physical considerations and not from experience of an anciant champion. I was only a dilettante with no particular skill...

A - A strong shot to displace an other bowl.
B - A launch of bowl in order to fix the bowl in a precise location on the ground.
B - At C, are possibilities to communicate bowl effect by rotating it in the hand friction.

In starting this action, one uses the maximum effect of falling body of the bowl. This allows to remains supple and thus to get a maximal precision of the shot.

- petanque tir (Russian Federation) - mouvement tir pétanque (Air France)

Il faut bien avoir une vue aérienne du terrain, pour un carreau.

This is just a scientific theory based on the knowledge in applied science. Skill may be vary. Practice is essential



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