Friday, September 4, 2009

English Conversation (Perbualan Bahasa Inggeris)

As we were from Malay School background, it was really very difficult for us to converse in English even as we entered the secondary school. Even when we were in Form One, we were still not very fluent in our English. There were a instances whereby our comprehension on the English language became a joke to our selves.

Scene 1

There was an instance when we were following the Physical Exercise (P.E.) session under our teacher, the late Mr. Pak Looi. As one of our classmates, Wan Min Wan Din was not doing his exercise properly, Pak Looi knocked his head with a relay baton. Suddenly blood soothed out from Wan Min’s head.

Pak Looi was bewldered by saying, “I hardly knocked his head”.

Another student answered Pak Looi’s question by saying, “No Sir, it was not your fault. He tenggalung buah setoi, Sir”.

“What is tenggalong”, Pak Looi enquired.

“Punggai, Sir”, the student answered.
“What is punggai, my boy” Pak Looi continued to ask.

“Baling, Sir”. came the reply.

“Thank you very much, I give up”, Pak Looi’s exasperation.

Scene 2

After concluding his lecture on Biology, Mr. Edgar Augustine asked the class,

"Do you have any doubt, class.?"

"Yes sir, my name is Daud" my friend Daud Dali responded.

"Daud, sit down." Mr. Edgar blasted.
Scene 3

"Class, can you make a sentence with the conjunction so that."

"Sodek is made of wood, sir."

-Picked from: Setaliboy


Anonymous said...

Some mistakes here and there, for example: Bewldered and Enquired. They are supposed to be spelt as 'Bewildered' and 'Inquired'. There are also punctuation errors, mostly misplaced punctuations or extra and unneeded punctuations. Besides that, it is not supposed to be 'blood soothed out from his head', instead, it is supposed to be 'blood seeped out from his head' or 'blood trickled down from his head'. But I found it very funny, a few chuckles here and there which made my day.


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